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G Challenge II – Roman Numerals

Ok, in quick sucession here is another G Challenge.  I think this one might be a bit of a stinker though!

II  (2) ;p   Functions that can be called from Excel to convert a number to its Roman equivalent, and also back from Roman to Normal.

So :

2010 -> MMX

Too easy… ?

231241 -> ccxxxMCCXLI

I have yet to attempt this myself as I normally set challenges from something I have had to do in the past I have found tricky.  This came from me choosing to put the challenge number as II not 2, and it popped into my head!

Edit:  I *know* that ROMAN() exists but that only goes up to 3999, and I am interpreting this as ‘classic’ numerals.    I think having looked at it that this is a massive challenge for a learner, but I have posted it now and we can always come back to it.   I’ll need something more sympathetic for GC III

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G Challenge I

November 25, 2010 3 comments

Ok, my friend is trying to learn Excel VBA and get into RAD development.   I am going to set a number of challenges which I am going to call a ‘G Challenge’  😛

So the first.  Take a string in the format :


where the format is :


In VBA I would like 2 things. 

  1. The string back in the format dd-mmm-yy hh:mm
  2. An actual date serial

Example above would go to 

  1. 24-Nov-2010 17:06:15
  2. 40506.7126736111

Go!   I would use 2 seperate functions to start off with.

Answers will be forthcoming in a post G Answer I

New Financial Product Today – PRD & Callable PRD

After all my interviewing ( more on that to come ) I have a new contract. As such, a new bank and a new lot of things to learn. So while watching a training video I cam across a mention of PRD’s and callable PRD’s. I just had to look it up. Google didn’t yield as much, but trusty ol’ Wikipedia did the job as per usual.

Power Reverse Dual – there we go.

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Further Excel VBA RAD Interview Questions

I had an interview today.  I didn’t do all that well at all and I got a little bit schooled.

This always seems to happen on my first technical interview with any serious technical ‘harrasment’.  I also have a load of knowledge tucked away in my brain, none of which the guy wanted to know about sadly.

Here are the things he did want to know about that I really got flustered and couldn’t answer.  Embarrasingly I gave myself an 8 out of 10, when I actually performed like a 5.5.  I think he rated himself as an 8, and then quite easily proceeded to destroy me. 😦  boo.

So… back to the hard core technical stuff for me as I spent too long this week on the finance side and not enough on the actual RAD side, silly me.

Ranges:  How do you create a range that will grow as and when data is enetered into it.

  • Name the 5 types of join on a database
  • how can I get a range to grow when data is added ( VBA & Excel)
  • How can I change the Last Used cell in Excel.
  • C++ pointers
  • Basic C# questions.

Ooh, and make sure that you can eloquently discuss the previous projects you have had on your CV.  Especially be prepared to get right into the nitty gritty.  I was silly enough to let information like the usings and data types etc I was using in one of my projects I only stopped working on about 8 months ago.  Not great either.

If I have a column with data in it.




and I want to add in another item of data, but have the range grow.  What can I do.

5 Types of Join – I was going to write the answer in here, but now I realise that what I need to do… is have a post dediected to SQL.  Any decent RAD developer is going to have to dig around in a database from time to time.  I think the problem I had is that I let the info go too stale, and didn’t keep on top of it.  I mean sure I seriously believe 100% I could do the job.  I would merely look in w3schools / Wikipedia for a few minutes and then be away and fine.  However… interviews just aren’t like that.  You need a decent answer, confident and concise right there, at the time to give the person that warm fuzzy glow that gets one hired.

Snippet :

Here are the first few things I selected to look at.   A simple glance over these for 30-90 mins before the interview would  have given me a massive boost in the interview:

Summary ( for my own revision )

Dynamic Ranges:

Last Used Cell:

Run a small macro.. ActiveSheet.UsedRange.   Or you can do this in the Immediate window if you don’t want it to be anywhere in the code.

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