Foray Into Data Science – Part II

As mentioned in my earlier article, I am starting to get into Data Science. I might be quite late to the party in some respects but better late then never I guess.

Building from my intial thoughts and ideas I thought I would go throug the process, as I experienced it, in a series of posts here. I often read highly polished “how to” articles but I would like to include a warts and all journey through all the obstacles / sticking points and general quagmire of head scratching and confusion that people (maybe it is just me) experience when starting out something new.

To be honest even restarting / setting up this blog after a significant haitus was a > 1hr chore I wasn’t expecting. Even then I am not sure if the WordPress.exe is worth the time or RAM it sucks in.


This shaped quite a bit of my decisions later on down the line so I will state what I have, so that those calls don’t look so odd later on.

The ASUS Powerbook tablet combo was a few hundred quid back in 2015 but my wife didn’t like it, and so I dusted it off after a colleague intrigued me with his much fancier Windows Surface Pro style laptop. For the < £150 that it can be purchased for now it is a total bargain, especially with the ability to put a memory card in the tablet part and having a 500Gb HDD in the keyboard. As I reckon I cannot realistically develop any meaningful Python without a half decent keyboard ( and certainly not an on screen one ) I installed the PyCharm and Anaconda parts to the E: drive that comes up when the unit is “complete”.

One nice side effect is that I have to really consider performance and efficiency when I am both developing and also in my own environment. Which explains my early doors switch away from PyCharm and into Spyder and Jupyter Notebooks. The overhead of the Java based Eclipse part of PyCharm caused my morning train development to really slow to a crawl.

On a side note I got a great deal on my HP Z600 Workstation which until my clients switch to Win 10 a clone of my professional development workstation

This will be reclaimed old stock from somewhere but I love a bargain and the idea of getting that much RAM and CPU for under £500 when some company probably specced that bad boy 5+ years ago for £5k makes me very happy.

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